Why Does My Toilet Keep Overflowing?

A toilet that keeps overflowing can be a major cause of concern. Because toilets are such a used fixture in any home, having one that is out of commission due to overflowing problems just won’t do. Here are a few reasons why your toilet may keep overflowing, and when to call a plumber to get the situation handled!

What is an Overflowing Toilet?

How can you tell when your toilet’s overflowing? If you flush your toilet normally and notice the toilet water is rising up instead of flushing down, you’ve got a problem. If flushing once more only pushes the water upwards and causes it to spill out of the toilet, it is best to stop trying to flush because you are dealing with an overflowing toilet that may make a big mess in your bathroom.

Causes of an Overflowing Toilet

So what causes an overflowing toilet? If you are dealing with this toilet issue and aren’t sure, here are the main reasons.


  • Clogged/Blocked Drain- An overflowing toilet can point toward a clogged or blocked drain. This is easy to note, as the water is flowing from the bowl and not the tank. For simple clogs, a toilet plunger should help. A clog in your toilet may develop due to a number of reasons, such as using too much toilet paper, putting flushable wipes, diapers, and sanitary products down the toilet, or even using the toilet as a trash can for dog or kitty litter. If you cannot locate or get rid of the clog yourself, it will be best to call a plumbing professional.
  • Blocked Vent Pipe- The vent pipe is in charge of moving air into the plumbing system to replace air that is pumped with each flush. When this vent pipe is blocked, your toilet will not flush properly and will inevitably lead to overflowing. This situation is handled by a plumber for effective solutions.
  • Broken Toilet- Overflowing can also be caused by something being broken in the toilet, such as a broken tank float mechanism or a problem with the toilet handle. To get the most accurate diagnosis of your overflowing toilet problem, however, you will want to sit down with a plumber.

Need a Plumber Fast?

An overflowing toilet is not something to take lightly. If your toilet has been overflowing and it seems like there is no solution in sight, it will be best for you to call a plumbing professional to intervene and provide the most efficient solution. An overflowing toilet means a lot of water is wasted, so it is best not to wait it out and instead seek the help of a plumber.

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