What Is A Sewer Line?

You may have heard about the sewer line in your home, but what exactly is it? A sewer line is actually a very crucial worker in your plumbing. Here is the rundown on what exactly a sewer line is, and why you don’t want to delay any repairs on it when the need arises.

What is a sewer line?

A sewer line is a pipe that transports all the wastewater from your home to your town’s main sewer line. With a sewer line, your waste is pulled away from your home, quite literally out of sight and out of mind! Any waste that goes down your toilet and so on is what is being transported through the sewer line.

What happens if my sewer line is damaged?

Even your sewer line does not escape the chance of being damaged. Tree roots, excess water, and other factors may play a role in your sewer line being damaged. Sewer line damage commonly entails cracks developing in the sewer line. One thing is for sure, you do not want to delay the appropriate repairs when it comes to a damaged sewer line.

Signs of a damaged sewer line

Because your sewer line is not in your home, how can you tell when your sewer line has been damaged? Some of the signs to look out for include:


  • Sewage backup- One of the most common signs of a damaged sewer line is sewage backup. This means, for example, flushing your toilet and having water back up in the sink
  • Foul smells- Because sewer lines are in charge of transporting waste, if there is a crack or break in your sewer line, a foul smell will be inevitable.
  • Slow draining- A broken sewer line can cause multiple fixtures in your home to be draining very slowly. This can be due to a break in the sewer line, as well as tree roots having infiltrated your sewer line.
  • Soggy or erratically lush lawn- If your lawn is becoming soggy and brown, as well as forming a sinkhole, this can be a sign that there is an issue with your sewer line. It is also common with a broken sewer line that some areas of a lawn may be vibrant and green, while a majority of the lawn is brown and wilted.

Call a Plumber!

A sewer line can be a very crucial factor in your plumbing, which is why you never want to delay when there is a problem with your sewer line. Knowing what your sewer line is and what can signal a break or further damage to your sewer line can be very helpful for you to spring into action when an issue arises. Call an expert plumber to help bring you professional solutions when it comes to a damaged sewer line that needs to be repaired or replaced.

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