Is It Time For A Maintenance Service For My Car

Is It Time For A Maintenance Service For My Car?

Every vehicle needs a maintenance service at some time. It is highly recommended that no car owner delay a maintenance service, as this can greatly affect the performance of your car. Is it time for a maintenance service for your vehicle? Here is how you can tell!

When Should My Car Get Maintenanced?

On average, a car should get a maintenance service every 12 months, or every 12,000 miles.

Why Should I Get A Maintenance Service?

Many vehicle owners may not think a maintenance service is needed. If your car is operating just fine, you should be able to go without a maintenance service, right? This is not true at all! Some benefits of maintenance services include:


       Keeps your car running longer

       Increases the value of your car

       Improves fuel efficiency

       Saves you from having to spend money on costly repairs down the road

       Increases your car’s safety

What Happens If I Don’t Get Regular Car Maintenance?

Skipping out on your car’s maintenance services may not seem like a big deal, but it actually is. Your car may start to deal with small issues, but these small problems will eventually develop into bigger problems. For example, your car may start to deal with problems such as dirty filters and damaged belts, which will then lead to part failures, breakdowns, and necessary replacements.

What Happens During Maintenance Services?

If this is your first maintenance service, you can expect your car to go through an inspection and services such as filter replacements, tire rotations, and other tasks that can help it perform better. A professional technician will also be sure to replace the fluids in your vehicle, such as motor oil, radiator coolant, brake fluid, and power steering fluid. Your car’s wiper blades and brake pads will also be inspected.

Where Can I Get An Auto Maintenance Service?

You can get an auto maintenance service in a car dealership or auto shop. Finding that one auto shop you can trust will ensure you have a place to go to for further repair services as needed, too! It is key you go to a certified place that will handle your car with expertise and the proper equipment. This way, you can have reassurance your car is being handled by the professionals!

For An Auto Shop You Can Trust…

Import Automotive is the Redlands auto shop to call when your car needs maintenance services. It is important you get your car maintenance when it is time, as further delays can lead to issues developing in your vehicle that could have been prevented. By getting your car the right maintenance services, you are making sure it is working well for any trips and commutes ahead!

Let a professional auto technician from Import Automotive provide your car with the proper maintenance services needed. We are always ready to get to work on cars, making sure their owners are 100% satisfied. Learn about Import Automotive here.

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