4 Plumbing Mistakes To Avoid

e want our plumbing to stay in excellent working condition all the time. However, even the most cautious homeowner is not safe from committing a plumbing mistake or two from time to time. It’s best to be knowledgeable about what plumbing choices can actually hurt your plumbing in the long-run, so you can quit any old habits. Here are 4 plumbing mistakes you should avoid so your household plumbing in Los Angeles can function very well with no bumps down the road.

1.  Flushing Down ‘Flushable’ Wipes and Other Items

You may think your toilet is strong and forceful enough to flush many items down it, but this is not the truth. Many people make the mistake of flushing down items like floss, tissues, paper towels, and other items. Even wipes labeled as ‘flushable’ should not be going into your toilet, as these wipes are made of fibers that won’t break down. The cost of flushing all these items down your toilet may result in numerous clogs and damage to your plumbing.

2.  Not Using Your Garbage Disposal Properly

Much like with the toilet, many homeowners believe that any food item or waste may be tossed into the garbage disposal. Waste like potato skins, lemon peels, and other discarded food can not only dull the blades of your garbage disposal, but also create clogs in your plumbing. Avoid throwing thick and starchy food waste into your garbage disposal, as well as grease and other thick oil that can harden in your pipes.

3.  Not Turning off the Main Valve When Doing Minor Plumbing Repairs

If you’re trying to quickly fix a leaky faucet or something to do with your plumbing, it is always recommended to turn off the main valve to cut off the water while you work. Don’t underestimate how long it may take you to complete a quick plumbing repair, as failing to turn off the main valve may cause rooms in your house to flood! Always remember to turn off the main water valve before completing any quick plumbing fix.

4.  Not Having the Proper Tools

If you’ve set out to complete a plumbing job, not having the proper plumbing tools can actually cause further damages. For example, failing to use teflon tape (plumbers’ tape), or using it backwards can ruin its use. If you are using the wrong screwdriver, wrench, or other tools, you may end up costing yourself bigger repairs than you’d set out to do. This is why you should research tools needed for any small plumbing job, or simply call a plumbing professional to do the job for you.


When it comes to your plumbing, you want to make sure you are taking steps to keep everything functioning well, not causing further damages. If you are looking for an Eagle Rock Plumber to provide plumbing maintenance or repairs when needed, give Performance Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning a call! With your plumbing working as it should, your household functions with complete reassurance and peace of mind.

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